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Information Technology Services

Tri-Com Consulting is proud to be chosen as a Vendor to provide Information Technology Services to all using State Agencies, Political Sub-Divisions, Municipalities and Non-Profits. Our goal is to fulfill all staffing requests for IT Professionals with superior Consultants.

Tri-Com has built a reputation with our clients of being able to respond to their consulting requirements with high quality technical consultants in a very short period of time. As a service organization, Tri-Com understands that in order to attract and retain clients, we must provide an unequaled level of support and services.

We have become a market leader by creating a broad network of diverse IT talent with extensive experience and leading edge skills. Tri-Com gives you the ability to quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically acquiring skills and cost-effectively managing available resources.

A careful skills and experience review is conducted prior to an engagement to ensure a consultant will be productive as soon as they join the project. Each of our Information Technology specialists whether Project Manager, Analyst, or Programmer, is qualified to provide hands-on business and technical expertise.

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