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Hartford Skyline
Information Technology Services
Contract Award
Small Business Certificate
Position Categories
1.Project Mgmt Support
1.1 Project Manager 1
1.2 Project Manager 2
1.3 Project Manager 3
1.4 Project Controller
1.5 IV&V
2.6 Quality Assurance Manager
2.Software Dvlpmt and Engineering
2.1 Software Engineer 1
2.2 Software Engineer 2
2.3 Software Engineer 3
2.4 Solution Architect
2.5 Enterprise Architect
2.6 Quality Assurance Manager
2.7 Business Analyst 1
2.8 Business Analyst 2
2.9 Technical Writer
2.10 Web Content Designer
2.11 Graphics Artist
3.System Engineering
3.1 System Engineer 1
3.2 System Engineer 2
3.3 System Engineer 3
Universal Access
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